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 Posted: Sun Aug 9th, 2009 04:02 pm
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Another odd deck, that I bought years ago from a fellow collector. I don't even think it is really a tarot. But it sure is interesting. This is all the info I have on the deck:

British Druid Tarot

The Druid is the name given in the British Druid Order to the Supreme Power of the universe, the One Deity which exists beyond all duality. It is also the still centre of being, which exists within each of us, the discovery of which by meditation is one of the major goals of Druidic training.

The DRUID TAROT is a 25 card major arcana printed and published in 1992 by The British Druid Order.

The images on the cards are based on series of hand-cut woodblock prints which were derived in turn from various sources, mainly stone carvings dating from circa 3000 BCE to circa 1200 CE.

These images bear little relation to traditional tarot decks, but may relate to the 25 letters of the Celtic Ogham alphabet.


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