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 Posted: Wed Feb 14th, 2018 11:30 am
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I received this deck the other day, it is my first deck, I also purchased the 1st addition at the same time, I was somehow driven to find and purchase the first edition, although I am new to cards I use hypnosis as a means of clairvoyance since I believe the power lies in the subconscious mind, I intend to use the cards for experimentation, to use as a visual aid to the hypnosis since obviously any visions gained though hypnosis are the work of the subconscious mind, I am hoping using the cards during sessions will bring some of that vision into the physical world. I receive visions in dream again when the subconscious mind is at work, but these visions are broken and usually very unclear due to lack of memory of the full dreams, which is why hypnosis works much better. However it was in a vivid dream I was given the image of the High Priestess card, not the 4th edition one but the one from the original deck from the Alchemical Tarot, which is the cover card on the box and book with the first edition, and then was taken over like been in a hypnotic state for a couple days after, I dare say 36 hours without sleep I spend searching for that deck, which finally I found a copy available to buy online from France, during the search I purchased this deck also since I was struggling to find an affordable complete version of the Original published back in 1995.

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