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 Posted: Mon Feb 29th, 2016 09:43 pm
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Yo Dusty

Sorry, I can't answer your questions definitively, but I do think your suppositions have every likelihood of being correct.

Since this thread started I have picked up another Etteilla deck, which appears to match Kimber's from the start of this thread. She doesn't post the 4 of Coins, but note that the 2 of Swords not only lacks a tax stamp, but also a beard!

As I have explained somewhere in the past, Lizmon's* cards were printed using handset type and individual printing blocks for each part of the total image, all held together in a device called a chase. This has resulted in each edition/print run being slightly different, as the compositor didn't always use the same image at the bottom of the cards. Not to mention making spelling mistakes occasionally!

But most importantly, what size are your cards please? Usually the blue bordered Etteilla IIs are bigger than those without blue borders. The use of the same back design, albeit a different colour, just might make our two decks close(ish) in age.

Wouldn't it be great to know when the 4 of Coins printing block got damaged :-)

*Simon Blocquel

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