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 Posted: Mon Nov 12th, 2012 08:33 pm
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skad1 wrote: Then her email picked and chose who to take emails from.  Apparently all of us are no-no-s

Anyway, her card is awesome, glad I waited.  The set is now getting a quote at the printers.

Hey - more likely she dealt with the newest first - I'm afraid that's what I tend to do. Also I had mentioned it to a friend of hers when I was worried about her - that may have helped !

But I'm glad you waited too. Wouldn't be the same without her !

ETA  Actually - I am clearing out stuff on AT - I see she hasn't read the PM I sent her. Maybe she just knew she had to send it, didn't make it before she left, and sent it as soon as her router was fixed - and didn't read my email either...!!!

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