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 Posted: Wed Aug 22nd, 2012 07:07 pm
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Sorry I have been unavailable. My computer got sick, major trojan infection, it's currently at the hospital (Frys service) getting fixed. Apparently there have been alot of computers attacked and they are pretty busy. It's been a week and a half so far, and who knows how much longer. there is a chance that they may not be able to remove the infections, and will have to reload everything from BIOS up. So it'll take a week or so once I get it back to reload all my software.

I was tryong to save money by not having one of those expensive malware programs and not having full backup. Well, it will not be a financial savings. Please, Please, let me be a lesson, a simple virus checker is NOT enough, also get a good malware checker. AND keep a good back up

So, I did see alot of emails from ya'll in the email box, but I won't be able to get to them until I get mu computer back. So, essentially, the deadline has been postponed about 2 weeks.

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