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The Fool

The Fool in all his innocence rushes joyfully into a giant wave, alarming and banishing the imp of doubt in the process. His black cat is unsure whether to accompany him or not (actually she's rather freaked out).

Coloured ink and crayon used to define perceived shapes in an abstract sloshing in black ink.


A modern Druid stands before Stonehenge. He (or perhaps she), is unbearded, and holds a book. The Ancient Druids were known to have passed their knowledge on orally to preserve the faculty of memory and retain the Mysteries, but times have clearly changed. As well as being the priests of the Celtic tribes, one of the roles of the Ancient Druids was to pass judgement in cases of dispute, and they were recorded as intervening to make peace between warring factions.

The drawing is in black crayon on watercolour

Bio Penelope Cline

Artist and writer with a passion for tarot art and history, comparative religion, the esoteric and those places where myth and legend cross and mingle. Admirer of snails, creator of The Mystic Rubáiyát, The Pen Tarot and The Wild Green Chagallian Tarot. Currently working on a new 78 card tarot.

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