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 Posted: Sat Jul 28th, 2012 09:18 pm
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goldenweb wrote: Trzes - I like the purple background - it has the effect of knocking it back further so that the figures show up more and gives an otherworldly feel. Suppose you tried it with the red wheel - maybe the gold it a little too contrasty.

And/or perhaps try making the wheel completely opaque - there's a lot of translucency going on at the moment with the figures not being solid as well.

Thanks for pointing out the contrasts. Now that you mention it, I also think the yellow is a bit too much. If the purple version should make it, then I will mute the saturation down a bit. I tried the red wheel with purple background which didn't look too good for me.

I tried an opaque wheel as well, also with opaque figures which all works fine, but in a rather different way. I wouldn't want to make the wheel opaque in the end, since I would loose the effect of the wheel also being genuine part of the background.

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