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 Posted: Wed Jul 4th, 2012 12:37 pm
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gregory wrote: PS I think it is time to wind this down as an annual thing, if we can't even muster 22 people to join in

I am really wondering why we can't even find 22 people this year. The other years, people basically jumped in so fast, the list filled up in no time. And the first cards were also already on the forum very quick. Even for the challenge deck. But this year it just seems different. I wonder why?:qq

For myself, I know this year my energy and attention has really been absorbed by all kinds of real life things. But I still do want to make at least one card. I got this great idea, but I don't know how to realize it yet. Yesterday evening though, I kinda made a backup card for the Tower already, low res. It is a more traditional one. If I am gonna use that, I will have to make it in high res of course. But I am still hoping I can manage to do my other idea before the end of august. I don't have access to all my own photographs right now to work on it seriously...:sd

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