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 Posted: Fri Mar 16th, 2012 09:58 am
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The people have spoken!!!!  


I have a new sigup list below, anyone who had a major before, still has that major.  All minors are gone.  New deadline, see below.

I'll leave it as one major per person until June 15, then it'll be open for multiple cards

2012 Collaborative deck.  No theme.

Da Rools:

Card size and ratio.  (Same as last year.)
See Below
The deadline is August 31th. We mean it. Any cards not with us – in their high resolution format - by then will be reassigned to fast workers – we know who they are.

WE MUST have a card of the right dimensions – see below - in jpg or tiff format, at a resolution of AT LEAST 300 dpi by that date. If you can’t do that yourself – find someone who can help you, and do it NOW. It really isn’t that hard.  

There will be a LWB!  May as well send your bios in now, and do prepare to write card descriptions too.  No title or card number, that will be in the border that someone else does. see last years as an example

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