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 Posted: Wed Sep 26th, 2007 10:52 pm
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BlueToy wrote: i figured maybe since India has a formidable publishing industry, they probly publish a lotta decks as well. though i've yet to encounter one. maybe you guys have some indian-published decks in your collection?

I have a few 'Indian' tarots but they were all published in countries other than India - Tarot Hindou (France), Indian Tarot (China) for example.  The only tarot I know that is published in India is the TM Tarot.  There is also handpainted Hindu tarot, but this does not seem to have an actual tarot structure, but is more an astrological deck. I attach an image of this.

Attachment: HANDPAINTED HINDU TAROT 4.jpg (Downloaded 391 times)

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