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 Posted: Mon Sep 20th, 2010 05:50 am
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I've added to List some photos to 2nd part of Trilogy by V.Sklyarova and couple of decks:

1. Astrological Tarot by G.Shishkin
Self-published June 2010. 1000 copies.
Shishkin has invented his system of correlation astrology and tarot.
First of all - his is an educated astrolog.)
So, he supposed the're 23th and 24th arcanas. Their names - 23 -  "Revived"
24 - "Table" (or, possibly correct meaning Holy Table).
These are my translations, but the illustrations are well understandable.
As astrolog he also supposes 12 planets and surely, 12 zodiac signs - so system looks in a strong shape and basis.
Artist, ideologist, and producer of the deck - Gennadiy Shishkin. Arcanas names are in Russian, but deck is mostly under Rider Tradition. 80 cards. Good quality of printing and card paper. Deck size is traditional - about 70x120 mm.
He also invented 144 card deck (according to astrology-system 12x12), and describes it in his book, published 2001, but the deck is still unpublished.

2.  Taro by Sergei Loginov. (Loginov Tarot). 78 cards. Deck only.

The deck is not packed in plastic bag - neither the deck nor the box. Deck type - kind of Rider's clone.

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