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 Posted: Wed May 12th, 2010 12:19 am
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:) For Sale or Trade!

Tarot Nusantara
78 cards; fully illustrated. Very RWS with an Indonesian slant

I had such difficulty getting hold of these that I bought as many as I could as I think many of us would like to get a piece of the juicy little deck. Postage for the book was crazy, so I gave away many of the books and just got mainly the cards. Decks are brand new. They are shrink-wrapped but no box as they are originally bundled with the book. No LWB.

The book “The Real Art of Tarot” is in Bahasa Indonesia. The book cover has got gold foil just like those gold-foiled Los Scarabeo decks.

Here is more information about Tarot Nusantara:

It is completely RWS with skinny people.

The cardstock and printing was a surprise. The decks are surprisingly as thick as Los Scarabeo's. I put the decks side by side and they were exactly the same thickness. 10cm x 6.4cm.

Shuffles well, fans well, rounded corners, grainy glossy card varnish/laminate in front, though I reckon the card backs are not varnished/laminated. However, it seems sturdy enough for me to shuffle wildly for years without fear of the ink coming off or the card disintegrating. The cardback is pretty. I can't decide what colour it is though. It is either bronze or reddish brown. Either way, they are pretty.

Am quite satisfied with it.

The book is nice if you read Bahasa Indonesia. The book cover has gilted bits but the pages are in black/white/grey.

Images and more information are in this thread:

Smoke-free home… and my animals are not interested in tarot.
Paypal please.

I'm looking for these, so if you happen to have any of these and want to do a trade/partial trade....
Abysmal Tarot
Ascension Tarot
Card-Shark's Medieval Tarot
Cosmic Tribe Tarot
David's Tarot
Egorov Tarot
Erde Tarock
Fifth Tarot
Future Solleone Tarot
German Gilt-edge RWS with wooden box
Hezicos Tarot
Illuminated Tarot (Irridescent)
Ironwing Tarot (78)
Kazanlar Tarot
Kingdom Highway Tarot
Kissa Tarot
Mary-El Tarot
New Tarot
Tarot Piatnik Wien
Tarot Polski
Rohrig Tarot (naked version)
Silicon Dawn Tarot
Solleone Tarot
Starmaiden's Tarot
Steele Wizard Tarot
Tarocco delle Vetrate
Tarocco Storico della Citta Di Ferrara
Tarocchi Sine Requie (78)
Tarot du Chat
Tarot du Roy Nissanka
Tarot Magow
Tarot of the Cloisters
Tarot Poetico
Tarot ReVISIONED set
Tarot Swietlistej Drogi
Terrestrial Tarot
Wheel of Change Tarot
White Box B Thoth

THank you for looking :)

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