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 Posted: Sun Jan 24th, 2010 08:24 pm
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Thanks for posting these, Debra!  According to Kaplan II (p. 405) there were a couple of versions of the Z. Lismon deck published in the late 19th century.

The first one came with the same booklet by Orsini that came with my deck (as pictured above), and "Etteilla" was spelled correctly on card 1.  It was called the Z. Lismon Etteilla Tarot.

Subsequently, Z. Lismon printed a second edition titled, "Jeu des 78 Tarots Egyptiens, Livre du Thot",  with "Etteilla" misspelled on card 1, but otherwise identical.

Then a third edition, aslo titled "Jeu des 78 Tarots Egyptiens, Livre du Thot" was printed, this time with the name "Etteilla" spelled correctly on card 1 - I think this is the deck you have. (1890-1917).

Straightforward, until we get to Kaplan's description of the back design for the Lismon decks: "a blue lattice with a white dot in the middle interspersed with crosses".  I'm interested to see if anyone on the forum has versions of these old Etteilla decks with the blue backs described.

The later Grimaud decks have a sun in the middle of the clouds on the Consultant card ( card 1, Chaos), and there are many other differences between the cards.

The Delarue decks are completely different and therefore easily distinguished ( the Etteilla deck published by LS as the Book of Thoth is  the Delarue style).

Does anyone know if all of the Etteilla decks were printed in France?

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