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 Posted: Sun Dec 27th, 2009 04:10 pm
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papoon wrote: Kimber wrote:
The original version came in a hinged box with green velvet interior, and was published by Cobwebs Press (London). It was released to the US in 500 signed copies.   

The Regal Print Company (London) edition appears to have been printed in 1986. It is not signed and varies from both the original English version and the US Games version in that the numbers do not have dots on either side and the typeface is not the same. No mention is made of “Leo”.  World Copyright is attributed to “S.B. Armin 1986”.

Hmm... Then mine seems to be yet another slight variation. Mine is from Cobwebs Press ©1978 by Esoteric & Occult Productions and came in a hinged box, but no green velvet interior and not numbered or signed. But it does have the dots on either side of the numbers.

There appear to be quite a few versions.

OK - mine is one of that 500 lot, and IS numbered and signed on a separate card (well, more like a bit of paper.) The box is hinged, black on the top and white below, with Justice on the centre of the top, (and on the bottom it says © Construction FIELD copyright !!!) The whole inside of the lid has glued inside it a black sheet with gold print about tarot and the deck and referring to Leo – and giving the details of Esoteric and Occult Productions Limited, P.O. Box 35, Putney, London SW15 1QU.

Inside there is a gold card insert with a divider up the middle, separating deck (left) from the LWB - and there is a green velvet ribbon to pull up the deck with. Inside the LWB it says "also published by Cobwebs Press”: and a couple of items, but on the BACK it gives details of Esoteric and Occult Productions and refers you to the address on the inside of the box.

Under the LWB is the signed numbered sheet of paper – same size as the LWB. Mine is 483 of 500, and is signed "Leo" and a symbol I am too dim to name ! It then says : The Tarot of Frown Strong is part of the Esoteric work of the Emin Faculty, founded by the author, Leo. For further information, contact the Emin Faculty, 1100 E Oakland Park Boulevard, Suite 106, Ft Lauderdale, Florida 33334.
And it says Distributed in the USA by U S Games Systems Inc, New York 10016. 

There are dots at the sides of the numbers.

And in the LWB it says Copyright Cobwebs, 1978. Cards and leaflet first published in 1978. Printed in Britain.
Are we any further ahead here ?????

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