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 Posted: Sat Dec 26th, 2009 12:05 pm
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Kimber wrote:
"The Tarot of Frown Strong is a tarot by the Swiss esoteric teacher Leo Armin. Leo Armin was a healer and guru from the 70s and 80s who had his own group of followers (among whom was actor Peter Sellers).  He also ran a church. 

The Tarot of Frown Strong was first published in 1978 in England. It was later reprinted in France in a very limited edition (not numbered) in 1991. The French version has slightly smaller cards then the original English one, but the print quality is much better.


This part is the info I also have in my database. Or rather, I wrote that myself for a Ebay auction when I sold a copy with the white box (after getting the black box and the info from the seller mentioned above, I decided I would only keep the black box version. I later purchased another white box again :v).

But from the additional info that you had, I gather now that it was incomplete and that the black box is not the 1978 version. I didn't know that before. It gets more and more complicated!:f

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