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 Posted: Sat Dec 26th, 2009 09:16 am
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Kimber wrote:
The original version came in a hinged box with green velvet interior, and was published by Cobwebs Press (London). It was released to the US in 500 signed copies.   

The Regal Print Company (London) edition appears to have been printed in 1986. It is not signed and varies from both the original English version and the US Games version in that the numbers do not have dots on either side and the typeface is not the same. No mention is made of “Leo”.  World Copyright is attributed to “S.B. Armin 1986”.

Hmm... Then mine seems to be yet another slight variation. Mine is from Cobwebs Press ©1978 by Esoteric & Occult Productions and came in a hinged box, but no green velvet interior and not numbered or signed. But it does have the dots on either side of the numbers.

There appear to be quite a few versions.

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