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 Posted: Thu Dec 24th, 2009 11:42 pm
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papoon wrote: Funny thing, I have been meaning to post a similar question for the last few weeks, as I finally managed to score a copy (in my case, an Esoteric & Occult Productions edition in a black flip-top box with a gold-on-black printed insert in the inside top, copyright 1978, but no indication of it being limited).

I knew that there were multiple editions, but I am particularly curious about the edition reproduced in this document, which is listed as copyright 1991 by R.Armin. Clearly, the text is based on the original LWB, but with some editing and expansion. But there are quite a few actual differences in the images themselves.

For example, in the 1978 edition, the there is a cup on the little stand next to the Juggler. In the one at the link above, there is an hourglass. The Hierophants in the two editions are holding their implements in opposite hands. The original Nymph of Ability has an energy bolt (or something) emanating from her left hand, while the web version is holding a wand (or something) in that hand.

There are also a lot of fairly substantial color differences. The sky in the 1978 Communication is orange and in the one at the link, pale blue. The original Star is very pale blue on a medium blue background, while the web one is dark gray on a light blue background. There are also a lot of very small color differences on various cards.

Even some of the cards that are otherwise identical have certain elements that appear to have been redrawn

So, this is really a more than just another edition. It's actually a moderately extensive revision of the artwork. Do any of you have in your collection a version that matches the version on the web? Any idea who revised the art.

I have the 1991 edition mentioned above, with the pale blue sky, hourglass, et al. However I do not have any other edition for comparison. It calls itself the "Original Tarot of Frown Strong" In addition, the LWB has no mention of who revised any part of it.

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