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 Posted: Thu Dec 24th, 2009 09:42 pm
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Kimber wrote: Does anyone have a timeline regarding publication of the various Frown Strong editions?

I have two in my collection; both are in a side-by-side white box, but one one edition there are dots on either side of the numerals, and one the other there are not. I believe one is 1978 - original printing?? - by Leo and Cobwebs Press. The later one - 80s?- appears to have been published by Leo, without Cobwebs Press (I'm going on memory here, so bear with me if my details aren't exact).

I have also heard about another edition that was published in a green velveteen box...anyone seen this edition??



The only two printings of the Frown Strong that I know off are the English version and the French version. I have both. The original English version (I think by Cobwebs Press) has a black box and the art on the cards is more fuzzy. The French version, which has been published later, comes in a white box and has more crisp art.

I have never heared of a green velveteen box myself...


Oh, this is the info I have in my database about the deck, I hope it helps a bit:

The Tarot of Frown Strong was first published in 1978 in England. It was later reprinted in France in a very limited edition (not numbered) in 1991. The French version has slightly smaller cards then the original English one, but the print quality is much better.

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