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 Posted: Fri Oct 9th, 2009 01:18 pm
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The Hindu Tarot by Kali published in Japan in 1986, comes in a solid box with an illustrated book. At first sight it does not seem to have a tarot structure, as there are 51 cards, however 16 of the cards bear the standard titles to the majors while the others have a Hindu name (such as Vishnu or Brahma) or some philosophical concept (such as emotional, the past, interchange) or some other term. 

A table in the book shows the associations of the cards to the tarot majors. The first five cards relate to arcana 1 to 5 (Magician to Pope), the next ten cards relate two at a time to the next five arcana, while the remaining 36 relate three at a time to the remaining 12 arcana. It is a collage deck, made with scissors, paste and cut out images.

The title page bears the mantra "Hari Vishnu, Hari Krishna" so I wonder if it perhaps emanated from some Japanese followers of the ISKCON movement which was still very popular and visible on the streets of most cities in the 1980s.

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